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Emotional Support
Help from Friends and Family
When word gets out that your child has cancer, many people will want to help. You may really need their help, too, but sometimes it's just too much work coordinating volunteers, showing people what needs to be done, and attending to others when you really need to attend to you child. Consider making a weekly checklist of regular chores with simple instructions that people can consult and check off without having to ask what needs to be done. Some find it helpful to appoint a family member to be in charge of taking calls and organizing helpers.
As much if not more than monetary assistance, parents of children with cancer need help in dealing with the emotional impact of living day to day with this disease. Between counselors at hospitals, support groups, and on-line communities, parents can easily connect with others to share concerns and find support. Just as with seeking financial help, some parents may be reluctant to seek mental health support. The "tough-it-out-by-ourselves" attitude is still quite common. But cancer is a serious disease, and you may face many difficulties in the coming months. If there was ever a time to get some help from others, this is it. Remember that you are not the first parents to find yourself in this situation. Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of those who came before you so that you can provide the best support possible for your child.


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For more information about cancer and its treatment, call the Cancer
Therapy & Research Center Information line at 1-800-340-2872.
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