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Learn About Cancer
You may have a lot of questions, and maybe you are confused about the tests and other procedures going on at the hospital. Don't ever be afraid to ask questions! Ask your doctor, ask the nurse, and ask your parents. Not everyone will have answers, but they can help you feel better. Here's an example. Sometimes a child with cancer will worry that something she did caused her to get the cancer. By asking her parents, a nurse or doctor, she'd find out right away that nothing she or anyone else did caused her cancer. It just happens sometimes, without any reason. Knowing this, the patient will rest easier and not get as worried.

Cancer is a disease that affects the cells in our bodies. Every one of us is made up of millions of tiny cells. There are good cells and bad cells in our bodies, and sometimes the bad cells start to gang up on the good cells and make us sick. By getting rid of the bad cells, the good cells can take over so we'll get better. We get rid of the bad cells through treatment, and sometimes it takes a long time to make sure we got them under control.

There are many, many different kinds of cancer, and each one acts differently. Adult cancer is very different from children's cancer, and even two kids with the same kind of cancer can have very different experiences.

One place to find out a whole lot more about cancer is The CancerSourceKids.com. This site was created by nurses who specialize in children's cancer, and has separate areas for different ages. It also has information about a lot of different types of cancer that kids can get, plus some games and fun activities, too. Be sure to ask you parents first before visiting this or any other web site.

If you need help explaining to other kids what you're going through, you might enjoy a site called Band-aides and Blackboards. This site deals with returning to school when you have cancer or other diseases.


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For more information about cancer and its treatment, call the Cancer
Therapy & Research Center Information line at 1-800-340-2872.
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