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If you've just found out you have cancer, you're probably scared. Or mad. Or sad. Or confused. It's OK to feel all of these things, and OK to tell people how you feel. One way to feel a little better is to learn about cancer, and talk to people who know about what you're going through. It also helps to meet other kids who have survived cancer. This will help you feel less scared about what you are going through. Last but not least, having cancer doesn't mean you can't have fun! Read on to find out how thousands of kids with cancer have a blast each year at camp, on special trips, and other great activities.

Learn About Cancer
You may have a lot of questions, and maybe you are confused about the tests and other procedures going on at the hospital. Don't ever be afraid to ask questions! Ask your doctor,...   read more...
Talk About Cancer
It's also really important to just talk to someone about what you're going through once you find out you have cancer. Ask your nurse if the hospital has a child life specialist. T...   read more...
Meet Other Kids with Cancer
The staff in your treatment center can tell you about when and where you can find other kids going through the same things you are. There may even be special groups and programs f...   read more...
Have a Blast!
One great way to meet other kids like you is to go to camp. You may be thinking, "Camp? Now?" It may sound crazy, but kids in all stages of cancer treatment can attend special ca...   read more...

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For more information about cancer and its treatment, call the Cancer
Therapy & Research Center Information line at 1-800-340-2872.
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